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Cars, Trucks, Vehicle - Mods, Repairs
06/16/2019 01:59 PM
Well,--- Finally got the truck started. ---there are NO electric fuel pumps anywhere on this model year, ( 97), and they use a 2- stage mechanical pump on them, mounted it right under the turbo so everything has to come off to replace it.
Went to put battery charger on it to try turning it over again and noticed the positive cable on the right battery was white. (left battery looked o.k.), so went to remove cable and the bolt was ate in half, just sitting there not holding the clamp tight. ---- the starter turned engine over just fine, only wouldn't start. While I had that cable off and cleaned it, --I took the neg side off and cleaned it too. -- Then I had to put new bolts in the clamps and got them tight.
After all this I decided to see if it would still turn over, so I hit the heat cycle a couple of times and then hit start and the first piston that hit compression fired and died!!-- scared the hell out of me!! lol!!, so I ran the heat cycle a couple more times and tried the starter again, --- it was turning and firing and soon it started and ran like it always did!
The only thing I can figure out is that some of the sensors get power from the right battery and the starter runs off the left one, and until both batterys are making contact it wont run. --- A real work of art for sure!!
Still have a couple of injectors going bad , misses a wee bit on idle, but hits on all 8 at high rpm's.
Goofy automatic transmission not working the greatest, but may have found a "donor truck" that has a 5- speed manual with a new clutch just put in a while back. I really want to do the swap to the good manual transmission so if I can make a deal with the guy he will sell me the old truck. Actually he wants to trade it to me on an old Farmall 806 gas tractor that I have here and need it gone, so we will see what comes of this deal! Thanks ;sonny
P.S. ---- NEVER buy anything with a 7.3 diesel motor in it!!!!
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Coffee Cup Lounge
06/16/2019 02:35 AM
Should you feel inclined to build one yourself, I picked up a CBR 900rr Fireblade engine for $200. Guy I bought opit from didn't know what he had. (Stock 135hp @11,500 redline).
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General Discussion
06/13/2019 05:12 AM
I spot a forward control jeep truck!
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Coffee Cup Lounge
06/10/2019 01:50 AM
And if you don't like "Right Sing Radio" or podcasts try: The No Agenda Podcast
Those guys simply pick on everybody.

Highly recommend episkde 1145 "dead meat" program between about ~30 -55 minutes. Highly informative as to all the bruhaha over social media point of view censorship going on lately. (It's all about follow the money!)

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Coffee Cup Lounge
06/06/2019 01:11 PM
yeah Doc that's called Hobo Stew,you can make it right on the grill or ontop a rock in a campfire,no pot required...just with two layers of HD aluminum foil and some sausage and cabbage
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Sell, Shop and Swap
05/31/2019 10:36 AM
I think it was the good Lords way of keeping me from using my hand so it can heal fully smile
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Boats, Watercraft Builds/Mods
05/31/2019 03:33 AM
I have dug deeper into the strut support, it turns out the crack in the fiberglass was allowing water to seep into the hull around the strut. I decided to cut all the old stuff out down to the hull and start over. Here is where it sits now before starting to rebuild it. I'm waiting on epoxy resin to come in to get back to work on it.

before that here is the ground out bottom side that will be patched up
[Linked Image]

Inside the boat initial removal of inside support

[Linked Image]

After deciding I needed to cut a little deeper, kind of looks like a transformer

Hidden carnage

[url=https://flic.kr/p/2g4fQUg][Linked Image]

After cleanup, still more cleanup to do to get down to solid glass

[url=https://flic.kr/p/2g4fZJD][Linked Image]
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Cars, Trucks, Vehicle - Mods, Repairs
05/30/2019 11:58 PM
That's lookin great Tom!
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Coffee Cup Lounge
05/29/2019 06:54 AM
This one is a classic... I can hear the cries of BS now! But if you actually read the story and learn just who design engineer was friends with... it all become MUCH more plausible....

Okay, the story here is that a current engineer was working on an old music synthesizer from a Berkley CA school.... when he suddenly began tripping.
As in on LSD. And, quite possibly some top quality stuff!

It helps if you know a bit of drug world history. Read Tom Wolfe's "Electric Cool Aid Acid Test".

But believe it or not here is story; Modern Hacker Dosed With LSD

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Cars, Trucks, Vehicle - Mods, Repairs
05/27/2019 10:20 PM
Tried it in gear, no go, --it's got the 2 middle pistons stuck bad!---motor still in tractor, so not sure of the next step. May have to take the motor out, gotta put new rings in it, lots of carbon in the head and on top of pistons.
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05/26/2019 09:54 AM
Looking for a way to clean up rats nest wiring on your projects? Well, there is a long time proven technique used in military equipment which will work as well on DIY projects as it does on high priced military equipment.

It is called harness lacing. Here is how to do it: Cable Lacing How To.

And here is where you can get a roll of lacing: Nylon Lacing Cord

But there is an even cheaper source for small, sturdy lacing cord....
WAXED DENTAL FLOSS,! The perfect lacing cord for small bumdles of wiring, such as inside dashboards.

Easy to learn and makes any project not only look better but imptoves reliability.

Give it a try.
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