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Trailer Builds/Repairs
4 hours ago
Looks good! The old tarps will take a lot! I have a couple wrapped around my sawmill unit. It has to sit outside and the cheap tarps last a long time out in the weather!
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Machine Shop / Tools / Shops
5 hours ago
Nice setup Jim!
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Tractor/3 pt. Impliment Builds/ Farm Tools
Yesterday at 11:01 PM
I made, and used this unit many years ago and all of the parts were cut with the torch and welded together with stick welder. I cut the rear end with the torch, ( I was told that you can't do it that way) then cut 10" from each side and welded it all back together and it has pulled some heavy diggers without breaking anything. I still have it today, but it needs to be gone thru and cleaned up again. There are a few things I wanted to change.

[Linked Image]Picture165 by sonny reese, on Flickr

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Tractor/3 pt. Impliment Builds/ Farm Tools
Yesterday at 10:41 PM
This is a back bottom off of an Oliver 5 bottom plow. I wanted a 1-bottom for a utility tractor and 3- point hitch, so this is what I came up with. I have used it for over 20 years now and have never had anything break on it.

[Linked Image]PictureL039 by sonny reese, on Flickr

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Member Photo & Video Gallery
Yesterday at 09:15 PM
That's a monster
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Old Threads
Yesterday at 07:53 PM
See the Attached file. Print off of the thread from the old site.
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Welding / Cutting
Yesterday at 01:21 AM
Looking at multi process welders. Narrowed it down too the everlast 221 sti or 252mts sti.. they are mig stick and ac/DC tig. Seem to have good falling on the YouTube but no torcher test. Being a high production hobbyist such as myself...im convinced. Ideas? Priced well good warranty if not a fake one
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02/15/2019 09:12 PM
Thanks bunkclimber
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Member Photo & Video Gallery
02/15/2019 09:10 PM
I would love to get my hands on one of the setups we had on Subs. Southbend 10" with a taper attachment and a versa mill. I made gears and everything with that rig. spent a lot of my off duty time in machinery 1 Lower level just playing. really not a lot to do with spare time on a submarine. I was Lucky ... Had toys to play with.
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Trailer Builds/Repairs
02/15/2019 03:56 PM
I like it! That's a nice set-up! These smaller trailers are a lifesaver when you need them. I always liked the single axle jobber's because they work great on the Explorer and 150 pick-up. Don't even know they are back there and you can haul some impressive loads in them.
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Tech Resources/Skills
02/14/2019 11:23 PM
Hi Datman, something to think about, I see you are from Tassie so you would have seen thousands of commodores on the road. I have always like the design of the rear axle in that it could be used for another purpose like the main spindles for two wheels on a band saw mill. They are cheap to buy, can easily handle all of the loads from all directions, fully sealed bearings, mounting flange (hub) with bolts and a centre hub for the wheels and even a bolt on rear flange hub to drive it.
See if this works

Commodore hub
commodore hub1

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Machine Shop / Tools / Shops
02/14/2019 06:32 PM
Originally Posted by JIM
Originally Posted by Lu47Dan
Working on an app for my phone to provide a hotspot for my laptop, so I can post more here. Right now it is very hard to type out a post of any length.
Having trouble getting the phone to connect the laptop to the internet.

When I use my phone for hotspot it's just like logging into the WIFI at the house.

Aaaah, that being the rub.....
My phone will not connect to the laptop and allow traffic through to the net... I can transfer information back and forth via bluetooth and USB ports but not by WiFi. confused
Now the computer recognises the phone but I still cannot get it to connect to the net yet.
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Coffee Cup Lounge
02/14/2019 03:47 PM
Originally Posted by Doc
What? You never saw duct tape used on a differential carrier before?
(I suspect it was a temporary fix, made out in the boonies with hope of just getting back to town. Most diif carriers are cast, not conducive to welding when broke.)

I don't know of any tape that holds up in oil of any kind. I don't know of any tape strong enough to hold a carrier together.
MAYBE hold in the pins for the spider gears. I had the retainer screw back out and drop one of those pins on my truck. There wasn't any taping that together at all. The carrier exploded.
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General Discussion
02/12/2019 09:18 PM
Some forums will automatically resize, I don't know if UBB has an option for that or not.
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Tractor/3 pt. Impliment Builds/ Farm Tools
02/12/2019 08:30 PM
This is the potato planter that I built out of parts found in the scrap pile. I pull this with hydro drive garden tractor and the rider drops potato pieces in furrow behind the shovel. the disks behind are set to cover the row. I does work really well and makes fast work of 200# of seed! This is another idea that you can use.

[Linked Image]AC%20Garden%20Tractor%20with%20Potato%20Planter%20005_zpszho0vkcd by sonny reese, on Flickr
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General Discussion
02/11/2019 08:27 PM
Thank you
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Machine Shop / Tools / Shops
02/11/2019 02:20 AM
Don't recall but I'd like to either way
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Tractor/3 pt. Impliment Builds/ Farm Tools
02/10/2019 08:14 PM

11 years ago I made this digger from scratch to use in our big gardens to help dig the potato crop. We always had several rows 225 feet long and no way to dig them by hand so this is what I came up with. No plans, just cut/welded, and fit as I went. It is still in use and will see use this year as well.
I wanted to add drag chain and a wagon elevator, to put potatoes in a small wagon pulled behind the digger. Time was a problem and this is where I stopped. Had to use it the next day, problem is I never got back to modifying it! thanks; sonny
[Linked Image]
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General Discussion
02/10/2019 01:31 PM
Shout out to Patrick.... thank you for the donation.
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Backhoe / Excavator Projects
02/08/2019 06:52 PM
That's awesome. There's been several places on the farm I could've used that
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Tractor/3 pt. Impliment Builds/ Farm Tools
02/08/2019 02:32 PM
it might go good in the snow too Sonny..just make sure the throttle control is reliable,or else hold on for dear life LOL
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Tractor/3 pt. Impliment Builds/ Farm Tools
02/08/2019 12:09 AM
That sounds like the right steel to start with. Make it stout as you go and never be sorry! A little extra iron is good investment . Mills take a lot of strain, and need to be strong.
sounds like you might be starting to cut and weld soon! Take pix. as you go! thanks; sonny
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Tractor/3 pt. Impliment Builds/ Farm Tools
02/06/2019 06:47 PM
This is the second creeper I made and use the most. It started out as a Weber Weeder (bean walker), But I cut it down and offset one back wheel to make it straddle the row. I later put another speed reducer on making final speed something like 14.85 feet per min.= about 891 feet per hour! Slow but that's the idea for planting/weeding and harvest. It saves the ole back a lot. Not being able to stand up and bend over, this works good for me.

[Linked Image]

Thanks sonny
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Tractor/3 pt. Impliment Builds/ Farm Tools
02/05/2019 07:10 PM
[Linked Image]

This was my first garden creeper that I made many years ago from 2 bikes. I still use it some. This style is easy to make. thanks; sonny
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General Discussion
02/05/2019 02:36 AM
Hey Folks, new here and just joined and came from TBN. I'll try to post a picture......
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