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Posted By: sonny

DOC. - 12/10/2019 05:11 PM

When I visited Smokestak, mention of Doc came up and I dug a bit deeper into it. Harry did some serious calling around and found some leads on Doc, none good. Ambulance was dispatched to Docs. home and he was taken to hospital. As you know Doc had strokes before and pulled thru. This time however he did not. He was only 68. He does have a couple of brothers from what I hear.
Guys on Smokestak are sad too. Doc was a star over there just as he was here.
All of us here will miss him.
God bless Doc and his family, Prayers go out to them from us here on MBN.
Posted By: JIM

Re: DOC. - 12/11/2019 01:37 AM

Doc Pederson was Key part of MBN for Years.. Rest in peace brother You will be greatly missed...
Posted By: bunkclimber

Re: DOC. - 12/31/2019 09:13 PM

RIP "Doc" you will be missed.
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