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Posted By: sonny Chainsaws - 02/01/2022 08:34 PM
Here is a couple of my flock of 45 saws! --- My favorite small saw is the Echo cs310. I have had good luck so far with most of these plastic saws and for my use they do fine.
The Blue max is a chimnaeese invention, BUT its old school choke, ( no bulb), carb with set screws you can tune it and made of metal, NOT plastic. Does a good job for me.

My big saws are old Homelite 8800 and Echo cs8000, both with 36" bars on them. The 8000 is currently on the Granberg chainsaw mill attachment.
The medium saws are mostly Homelite SXLAO's . I have and use several of these. Another good model I have is a Eager beaver 3.7 and the Baby beaver 2.0.
The plastics are mostly Homelite and Poulan.
Waiting on parts for the Poulan 4218a right now so I can put it back together.
The Homelite 3514 motor is back in and almost hooked up.
One of the SXLAO's is next up with a new block and piston to go in it.

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Posted By: bunkclimber Re: Chainsaws - 02/02/2022 11:47 AM
Sonny as long as you're not walking around with a hockey mask and blood-stained apron on while working on the saws I'll guess you're OK
Posted By: sonny Re: Chainsaws - 02/18/2022 10:13 PM
Next saw on the test list scared the hell out of me! --they said it didnt run and they quit messin with it.---Sit down boys cause this is some funny shit! -- saw wouldnt run cause the switch was off!
anyway the first thing I did was test for spark and none to be found, so I flipped the switch to the other position and---YUP we got spark.
Next job was a dribble of gas down the carb and on the second or third yank damn thing lit off and tried to jump out of my hands! LOL!! half tank of gas and quarter tank of oil still in it.To top that off,--it has a new chain on it that dont look to have ever made a cut!
Best thing is that the Mc Cullough Mini Mac 25 only has a 10 inch bar! -- PERFECT to use up in the bucket truck!

as you can see in the pix, the 2.0's have 14 inch bars which is too long for 1-hand use!

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Posted By: bunkclimber Re: Chainsaws - 02/22/2022 10:00 PM
Originally Posted by sonny
PERFECT to use up in the bucket truck!

and if you drop the saw from the bucket it's no big loss..hell it'l probably survive the fall!!
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