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F-700 bucket truck

Posted By: sonny

F-700 bucket truck - 06/26/2021 07:45 PM

Just bought this thing, ---- hope it works for a while. Its on the list to get towed home, --- I think it has a broken axle in the rear end, so had to put my order in with the towing company to send a wrecker down to drag it home, ----bout 75 miles away from us and it was too tall to push up on Mikes trailer so towing was best option.
Not sure what brand the unit is but looks like it could be a Hi-Ranger from pix on the internet. This one has 2 outriggers at the back of it,---some have 4.
1984 Ford F-700 truck, 460 motor, 5 + 2 transmission, decent tires, motor has slight exhaust leak-----probably a manifold gasket.
Bucket unit is a 65 footer, so that will do what I need.
Looked at the 1-ton models and they would be way to short for the trees I need to cut down.

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Posted By: bunkclimber

Re: F-700 bucket truck - 06/26/2021 11:42 PM

sure thats a 460 in that truck Sonny? most were 370 long-stroke truck option was the 429 as well.
Posted By: sonny

Re: F-700 bucket truck - 06/27/2021 07:36 PM

Ya, not sure what it actually is,---gotta wait till I get it home and try to see for sure. Somebody could have stuck a 460 in it at some point. Dont think its the original motor.
Posted By: sonny

Re: F-700 bucket truck - 07/01/2021 01:35 PM

Getting closer to home! --- now its only 12 miles away at my buddies tow yard.
Guess he took the rotator down to drag it out with.
He says positively its a 460 motor in it. ---- original one was a 370 according to tags, so motor has been replaced along the way.
He just got the tri-axle rotator last year, making him 6 or 8 units so far! --- he keeps 10 guys running all the time.

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Posted By: bunkclimber

Re: F-700 bucket truck - 07/01/2021 02:23 PM

well at least with the 460 Ford they are a lot more common and easy to find than the 370 truck engine. Altho you know a lot of the old engines and vehicles were scrapped back in the early 2000's when China was buying scrap..getting harder and harder to find anything from the 80's era of vehicles..even just trying to find an unmolested 350 Chevy is a of luck with it Sonny
Posted By: JIM

Re: F-700 bucket truck - 07/02/2021 01:51 PM

My little 1 ton is only 35'. I could use about another 10' but for what I paid for it I'm content. Nice catch Sonny.
Posted By: sonny

Re: F-700 bucket truck - 07/09/2021 09:17 PM

Trying to get the axle shafts out of the rear end----no luck beating on them like they say you have to do to get them to come loose. -----I think one of them is broke, ----truck dont move and you can turn the driveshaft with little effort.
I never tackled a Ford before----- GM shafts come right out.---- OR at least the ones dad had did!
Ideas welcome here! lol!
Posted By: Nnaatz

Re: F-700 bucket truck - 07/11/2021 09:02 PM

Are u sure the 2 speed is full engaged? Them axles can be a bear...try a large air hammer ...conical locks can be a bitch.
Posted By: sonny

Re: F-700 bucket truck - 07/11/2021 11:32 PM

Former owner had backed down a steep slope, worked on a tree, went to take off and as it started moving , something popped and he started rolling back down the hill. Sounds like axle BUT may not be . IF 2-sp. was not fully in and jumped out or broke when he took off that would be same noise. 2-sp. fork could be broke off.
I turned the driveshaft by hand and it aint hooked to anything----- no drag at all and no noise either.
Posted By: bunkclimber

Re: F-700 bucket truck - 07/12/2021 12:33 AM

if you broke an axle shaft you'd have some kind of drag in the axle as the opposite side would pose drag sounds to me like a pinion broke off internally..but gawd them axles take a lot of torque shock over their lifetime..maybe like you say the 2sp idler broke? might haveta get ready for a big teardown of luck with it
Posted By: sonny

Re: F-700 bucket truck - 01/15/2022 08:48 PM

Still cant get axles out, -- NOW I find the carb is messed up on it. Looks like they could have had it rebuilt shortly before I got it.
The way it is it wont rev up,--sounds like its flooding itself, smells like too much gas in the muffler fumes too.
The guy I got it from bitched about the amount of gas it use while he did his 6 trees, and I can see why it would use that much, cause carb is not right.---dont take rocket science to see and here the way the motor is running. Runs like choke is pulled out all the way but its in and working.

anyway here are a couple pix of the top of the motor,---I cant get down in there very close since its WAY down in there.
I just stood on a bucket in front and leaned over as far as I could to get pix of the carb.
I never messed with these 4bbl's before,---they WAY too complicated for me! --- too many micro parts and my stiff finger dont work half the time around little parts!

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