I am still looking for an old cane mill and still no luck so I think one can be made with some creative ideas.
Looks like most of the old factory ones have 3 rollers in them. 2 smaller ones and a big one running down on the center of the 2.
Original ones are cast iron and that wont be a problem because I wanted to use steel to make one.
All 3 rollers have power to them and the big one runs at different speed that the smaller ones.
Instead of cast gears for the drive, I think heavy roller chain,--say #80 will handle the load. Nothing high speed here as these are designed for slow rotation.
Ideas are needed! ---- I can't find any plans on the internet, so it would be "design-as-you-go" build!
This would be only used for small private use, so nothing fancy needed.

"A machine you build yourself is a vote for a different way of life. There are things you have to earn with your hands."