Just got my TR- 412 stems today and the e-bay seller lists them as the 0.44 which is actual TR- 412, ---well THESE are stamped TR-412, BUT are 0.58 diameter shoulder, same as TR-413, --hard plastic type material and says German Standard on them! Kinda ticks me off at these guys selling on there!----I know---I know ---NEVER trust e-bay sellers LOL!!
Anyway his ad swears these fit lawn equipment, which they don't, and I still have 4 bad stems and no replacements to be had. Local garage has TR-412, BUT same deal, 0.58 on them as well---really shocked him as he just got his summer supply and had no idea that his are wrong size too! --- Anyway if anybody has a line on TRUE TR-412's let me know.
Cant drill the little rims out for these fat ones to fit because the bigger hole would run off the edge of the rim and wont seal.---ruined 1 rim by drilling it!

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