This is what the plans called a "deacon's bench". The seat raises up and there is storage space under it. Virginia wanted the seat higher so I added 10" to the center of it and this is what it turned into. Holds a lot of stuff now! lol!
For the bottom, I had a couple of red cedar boards 3/4" thick that just fit. the rest is from scrap lumber I found at a jobsite. back , arms ,seat , frame and legs are full 1 1/2" thick cut from 2" lumber and the sides/ends/bottom all 3/4" boards.
It's heavy and after 25 years still looks good for being used all the time.
Virginia lays on it now and then. She is short enough to fit!

The name tag was made from a couple short boards glued together so her name would fit. Shelf was from 1/2" thick boards. Router and round nose bit was used to do the engraving on both. These were made from cherry that I cut on the big sawmill that used to have .

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"A machine you build yourself is a vote for a different way of life. There are things you have to earn with your hands."