So yet another JUMBO handtruck build for today.

so this is the last pair of golf cart wheels I had as scrap/surplus..I put a lift kit and new wheels/tires on my golf cart so these were left over..all I needed was a pair of axle wheel hubs,easy $30 for a new pair with bearings. These mount on a 3/4" cold-rolled round stock axle..easy to fab up from round stock,thread both ends 3/4-16"..the 3/4"dia axle slips inside a section of 3/4" black pipe.This allows a bit of slop but not too much.I'm using 3/4"big washers to protect the axle seals on the hub where the axle goes into the hub and seal.The castle nuts get staked prior to torquing,no cotter or cross-hole in the axle necessary.The 3/4CRS axle shaft floats inside the steel pipe to allow for replacement if it ever gets bent.
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So then we assemble with the hubs and wheels as we have to clearance it all away from the 18"dia tires when we put it all together.

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The truck 'shoe' is made from 6"c-channel cut down with one 'leg' could make this part from big angle, but I have channel stockpiled,so here it is.

The handles are made from 1"black steel pipe..bent in a 1-1/2" conduit's all the muscle I have to bend this pipe cold..didnt heat it this time first.
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Easiest way to weld it all together is to lay it down and get the rotation of the handles right,as well as the clearances for the wheels and shoe.
I laid angle iron on the floor to keep the wheels/tires from moving when setting up clearances and welding it together.
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Slather some old surplus solvent based battleship grey paint on it..Ive got gallon buckets of it!
Easy build using scrap I had around..second one Ive done..they hold up pretty good..coke machines, refrigerators, washer/dryers,etc all move easy!
I've got to make up some solid pipe ends for the ends of the handles in this photo- thats a job for tomorrow.
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A 1/4"strap gets drilled and welded across the back as a backrest and tie-down point for a ratchet strap for big items. I used some 3/4"hot roll for the back axle supports,good and strong,quick and easy.
Ok-as the paint cures, on to the next project.