I did something slightly different on mine, there is a backing plate behind the wheel bushing and a "stop" plate where the pivot bushing rides, I tied them together with a 1/4" gusset. I also bored out a 1" round spindle 5/8 to go over the mower spindle, then welded that on. I didn't have the milling machine then. I have busted other things on the axle (tie rods, basically the entire steering setup, center pivot plates) but haven't killed these yet.

[Linked Image from live.staticflickr.com]

The thing about doing it your way is that most trailer tires are a little bigger than tractor fronts, and you can set the wheel centers an inch or two higher relative to the axle beam than original to compensate for the difference in wheel rolling diameter. My tractor has a slight tilt to it...

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