Just bought this thing, ---- hope it works for a while. Its on the list to get towed home, --- I think it has a broken axle in the rear end, so had to put my order in with the towing company to send a wrecker down to drag it home, ----bout 75 miles away from us and it was too tall to push up on Mikes trailer so towing was best option.
Not sure what brand the unit is but looks like it could be a Hi-Ranger from pix on the internet. This one has 2 outriggers at the back of it,---some have 4.
1984 Ford F-700 truck, 460 motor, 5 + 2 transmission, decent tires, motor has slight exhaust leak-----probably a manifold gasket.
Bucket unit is a 65 footer, so that will do what I need.
Looked at the 1-ton models and they would be way to short for the trees I need to cut down.

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"A machine you build yourself is a vote for a different way of life. There are things you have to earn with your hands."