First thing I noticed is the link did not highlight when i copied it

See what happens this is a bit tricky using on screen keyboard and no mouse. The BB code is pretty reliable and ultra universal. But it can be tricky for some, I had a devil of a time On AF getting avatar that were gif files to work but I finally got Virginias angel wings to move. This is a new board with fresh settings. It might take a little time to figure it all out, it will work, i have confidence in the Admin and the software. Its got to have better updates than what i'm used to from 10 years ago. Administrators have to be careful working with settings because users get upset when their posts get moved or edited, they think there being censored. Not the case ever, but feathers get ruffled anyway.

So,,,,,, let me play with this strickly from a lowest level user point of view, and thats the way i like it😎

Forgive me if im overstepping i dont want to do that

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